Greetings from the 
Harmony United Methodist Church

It is wise for us to gain a perspective and face our fears regarding Covid-19. Sometimes

healthy and sometimes scary; it takes wisdom and faith to see our way through all that has

taken place. None of us have all the answers, but our church is working earnestly to see

our way through it and protect all.

We have protocols in place to provide the highest of safety standards during the pandemic.

We did suspend in-church services in October due to the rising numbers in the county,

however plans are to reopen as soon as the numbers start to recede.

In discussions with members, the church family and friendships have always been number

one on the list. You may not know it, but you are important to others who attend church

with you. In hard times the best way to overcome hardship is to lean on someone. Please

know our church family is still here. Reach out to us on the phone to chat, check on each

other and pray together. Perhaps offer suggestions to stay connected.

We appreciate your commitment to our church at this time and hope it continues until we

can worship together again.

Christian fellowship reaches into our souls and warms our hearts

May God Bless and Keep you Well