Greetings from the Harmony United Methodist Church

Prayer Group every Wednesday at
Marinette at 10:00am.

Spring Youth Outing, May 13th, 10a -2p
Peshtigo High School Gym 10a - 12p

Peshtigo Methodist Church 12p - 2p

History of Eggs

Eggs are a universal symbol of new life.  This is a big part of why they are considered
a symbol of Easter and where the tradition of decorating Easter eggs came from.  However,
there is also a strictly religious element of their symbolism.  Eggs must be cracked open
for new life to emerge, just was Jesus' tomb was opened by God so that he could
emerge after being resurrected.  As a result Easter eggs symbolize both the tomb
of Jesus and his resurrection.

Butterflies are symbols of the resurrection of Jesus.  Just as butterflies emerge
from a chrysalis in which they are hidden away, Jesus emerges from the  tomb
three days after being laid to rest in it.  They also represent the transformation
                          the Christian faith can lead to, through the grace of God.  Maybe this Easter 
season will be a new beginning for you and your faith!  Watch for butterflies to 
appear on the Easter tree on that day.

Shine your Light! 

May God Bless and Keep you Well

Jeanne Lange