Greetings from the 
Harmony United Methodist Church

Sunday School
Sunday School Children are learning about Moses and the burning
bush.  God really got his attention as he spoke to Moses.  Must
have been an awesome sight! Thank you Sunday kids for the
Loving messages on the sidewalk in chalk.  It was truly 
messages of love as we left the church!

A Local Mission Update in our community.

Biehl Bridges to Recovery is located at 3123 Shore Drive in Marinette.  (Across from the old
Hospital).  It is a recovery program designed to be six to nine months in duration.
It includes housing, case management programs and 24/7 care support.
They hope to reconnect residents with our community in healthy ways.
The center has 34 
needs and a five page start up wish list.  We havedecided
to support this local mission by helping to collect 68 towel sets and 68 place settings.
Upon arrival a new resident will be able to choose two towel sets & two place settings
to use for the length of their stay.  Due to generous donations by family,
friends, local United Methodist Churches &strangers, we have now
collected: 55 plate, 50 bowls, 50 mugs and 35 sets of towels.
We are almost to our goal.  Thank you to all who have donated.  Together 
we accomplish great outreach to others & shine a light in our community.  
We are still accepting donations at the Harmony United Methodist Church.
Contact Pastor Nate 715-735-6323, Rose Phillips 715-789-2315,
Linda Phillips 715-732-3665.

We are thrilled to be back in church worshipping.  Progress is slowly being
made to get things back to normal.  In order to ensure continued safety,
the Trustee Committee decided to install an ionization system.  This
technology purifies and treats the air in the sanctuary and friendship
hall.  We are still wearing masks to protect others, but we are
now able to sing!  Please join us Sunday we are eager to see
our church family again.  Let's share ideas to move forward
as a church.

May God Bless and Keep you Well