God is Love



                                  Come near to God, and God will come near to you.
                                                                                            James 4:8
         Greetings Church,

        With open arms let us anticipate the blessings of God as the month of May
    comes our way.  Last month could be compared to a swinging pendulum in a
    multitude of ways.  The two events of this that immediately come to mind are
    the flow of emotion from Good Friday to Easter Sunday and the fifty degree
   temperature change that happened near the end of the month in less than forty
    hours.  Truth be told, sometimes life is like that no matter where you live.  There
    are ups and downs in life that we must navigate along the way.

         As the seasons continue to change around us, I encourage you to take
    some time and draw near to God in prayer.  Look for the answers that God is trying
    to reveal to you each day.  Recognize the opportunities that God allows for you to
    experience and engage in.  Give thanks for the blessings you discover and no
    matter what season you are in keep your stick on the ice.

                                                        Peace and Towels,  Pastor Nate Reed