Hey Marinette Congregation

How can we integrate this with Covid-19 Worship?

Your IMPACT team is working hard to help us move from “Survive to Thrive” in the life and ministry of

our congregation. We are going thru an 18-month district training process with the main goal of helping our

congregation develop a vision and plan to reach out and as our mission statement says, “Make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

“A vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.” -Andy Stanley

Vision produces focus.

Vision unites the Church.

Vision enables people to move beyond self-centeredness.

Vision allows us to be proactive rather than reactive.

Our vision will drive us forward, help us make an IMPACT in our community, and direct our movement.

Our vision will better help us use our time, talents and treasure in the best way possible and keep us from


Please read the proposed vision for our Church and tell us what you think.


“The vision of First United Methodist Church is to use the resources, strengths, and passions

of our congregation to nurture our senior community toward more fulfilling lives in Christ.”


Demographic data tells us the senior community, those over 50 years in age is the largest and fastest

growing population group in Marinette and Menominee.

We are well able right now, just the way we are to address the needs and be warmly welcoming to seniors

in our neighborhood and community. All we must do is focus, own a vision and develop a clear outreach


Demographic data also tells us that the smallest population group are families with young children; evidenced by our elementary schools consolidating due to shrinking enrollment.

Seniors also prefer traditional music and worship and are comfortable in the church building setting. (A

more receptive market to reach.) Our building is 100% accessible for seniors.

Please share your comments and questions with your IMPACT  Co-vision team:

Kristin & Jerry Coakley

Nada Berry                                                                 

Trudy Wooden

Debbie Cisar

Donna & Frank Galiger

Pastor Bill & Julie McBride