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Important message from the Wisconsin Conference, Bishop Hee-Soo Jung

Most of us are engaged in a daily, ongoing conversation about the pandemic. Our response to the COVID-19 raises more questions than it answers. As the Bishop, I am asked for my guidance, for my “ruling,” for my decisions. When we wander together in discomfort and uncertainty, we become desperate for clear answers.

However, as your bishop, I want you to hear my reflections clearly and concisely, so you know my thinking and my recommendations. We are all working hard to journey faithfully through our wilderness so that ALL may emerge to- gether in God’s promised land future.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative for the hard work of our COVID-19 Task Force and I am impressed by the faithful leadership of our clergy and laity to find creative ways to continue in excellent ministry and service. I pay very close attention to health experts and the excellent information and instruction coming from the Center on Disease Control (CDC), National Health Institutes (NHI), and the World Health Organization.

At the same time, I want to acknowledge the pain, suffering, loss, and grief people are suffering by not meeting to- gether in person. No one takes this lightly, and we are doing everything we can to return safely to regular church en- gagement and attendance. With this in mind, I give you my recommendations:

Our guiding value and practice must be to preserve and maintain life, health, and well-being of our members and friends. We should err to the side of caution as a witness to our community and world that our love for our neighbors is one way, we love God and all God’s creation.

Our clergy and laity should follow the strictest guidelines – including not worshiping in person until the New Year. All indications point to a very bad autumn and winter as we continue with COVID and enter the new flu season. No in-person worship is advised until 2021, and then only after thorough review and reevalu- ation.

Setting a clear target date for reevaluation and return help provide clear communication and can avoid unneces- sary disappointment. Clergy and laity leadership can then plan creatively for the fall, for Advent, and for Christmas. Perhaps we will join the Wise Men on their journey to arrive on Epiphany...

Watch the YouTube video of the Bishop & Lay leader: https://youtu.be/bhUnt_UnPvk
The Marinette-Peshtigo-Harmony United Methodist Parish is advised by our Bishop to conduct No In-House Worship until Future Notice

It is with a heavy heart that Pastor Bill has encouraged that in-house worship should not begin until the New Year 2021 (Pastor Bill has stated previously and state again, that each congregation must decide in keeping with the conference guidelines what is the best reopening procedure to follow for themselves. The pastor like the bishop, strongly advises each church to follow the bishop and do not consider reopening your building until the 2021.) This decision has been made in response to the request from our Bishop (see article above.) Worship will continue on the private parish Facebook group page and the public “mphonlinceconnection” page on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM. The service is also rebroadcast on the parish YouTube channel “mph online connection” on Sunday’s at 11AM. Rev. McBride’s online services will continue through Pastor’s last Sunday, which is Dec. 13, 2020.