Reverend William R. McBride and Mrs. Julie McBride

Reverend McBride is an ordained clergy, having earned his BA in
Psychology from the University of WI. Madison campus and his

Mastery of Divinity degree in Pastoral Studies at Asbury Theological

Rev. Bill fulfills his calling to ministry:

through preaching and teaching his people about the Creator's love
and purpose for their lives.
writing 20 + digital books on spiritual topics and creating blogs
on all manner of spiritual themes, especially connecting
with your guardian angel, growing your faith through
 daily devotions, living a life of gratitude and growing
your church by creative outreach and ministry.

Reverend Bill's writings and works can be seen on Facebook,
YouTube and Amazon.

Reverend Bill has served congregations of all types and
sizes across the Wisconsin Conference and is celebrating

his 44th year of ordination in the United Methodist Church.

Reverend Bill's wife Julie holds dual citizenship in England
and Australia and is deeply spiritually centered having lived
and developed her faith in Bali, India, Malaysia and
now in the United States.

Julie's broad world view coupled with her developed
spiritual wisdom, prayer and meditation have helped
Reverend Bill grow his own faith journey and see the
larger presence of God in all people and all of creation.

May God guide us and lead us as we begin our new
chapters of our journey together.