Church Building ReOpening

Hello Council members from all 3 churches


As you may know, I have phoned, emailed, and texted all 3 council chairs regarding the reopening of your buildings for worship.

I have decided it is no longer useful for me to keep insisting that our buildings stay closed.

I know there has been growing anxiety by some and the strong desire to force a reopening sooner than later. I have decided to social distance myself from your reopening efforts and energies. 

 I wanted you all to know it is better for all of us to move ahead, certainly in different directions in this specific issue as this pandemic has made it perfectly clear.

So I have communicated to the 3 chairs that they can reopen their buildings when it is deemed feasible for them and their people. You all know the Bishop's COVID teams' guidelines for reopening and the procedures for safety during this time.

I will no longer stand in your way or seek to convince you otherwise regarding you all reopening your building and conducting worship inside your facility.

  1. I am writing all of you today to advise that you all hold your own Admin Council meetings and discuss this and vote together on reopening for worship and the best date to start. No one or two people should make this kind of decision for everyone.
  2. Understand that I will not be present in your buildings physically, but I can make available my message for you to play on your screen if you wish.
  3. While I Do Not advise or support a decision to reopen at this time and will not bear any responsibility should anyone get COVID-19 by entering your building, I will not stand in your way nor will I police your adherence to the Bishop's guidelines.
  4. I strongly suggest that should you vote to reopen you check with your insurance carrier, Church Mutual, prior to reopening to make sure you are covered for any liability issues and that you understand your level of coverage by the insurance carrier should you decided to not follow all the Bishop's guidelines.
  5. I ask only one thing about all of this: PLEASE inform me of your date for reopening.  I need to be aware of your plans, as your reopening may have an effect on our upcoming drive-in outdoor worship. (The outdoor start is delayed until July 19)
  6. I will continue my full-time social ministry, with Sunday online and Wed. FB lives and all the other facets of my work with you, even though I will not be present with you physically when you reopen.
  7. You will be responsible for securing leadership to lead your worship and preach if you reopen and if you choose not to play my video message.  If you find someone who will do this you are free to pay them as a guest speaker. If you desire to hire someone on more than a one-time basis to lead your worship then you will want to check first with your District Superintendent.
  8. While I am still appointed as your full-time pastor and engaging in appropriate full-time ministry during this pandemic, your choosing to reopen does not diminish my role, my appointment, or my pastoral care for you.

Please share this with any of your Admin Council members who do not have email.

I hope you understand that this clears the way for you to decide on your own reopening plans. I stress once again, I do not advise that you reopen your buildings at this time, nor can I be held responsible for outcomes, but I will not hinder your decisions.

Also, you would be well advised to keep your Superintendent informed of your decisions regarding this matter.

I continue to pray for your health, success, safety and positive outcomes


Rev. McBride, Pastor