Marinette—Peshtigo—Harmony Churches

A challenge has been issued—-Can all 3 churches donate enough supplies to
create 20 Men’s Kits, 20 Women’s Kits and 20 Kid’s Kits??
A lot of supplies are needed but working together we can do this!

Below is listed the items needed—you can bring them in to church during the
months of February and March 2019. In April, a day of assembling the kits will be
set up at the Peshtigo church.

We already have 19 School Kits ready to go and would love to include the Men’s,
Women’s and Kid’s Kits when they are delivered at Annual Conference in June.

Please be generous.

What is needed to complete 20
kits of each:

29 Toothpaste (2.5 oz or larger
9 Adult toothbrushes
12 Washcloths
22 Hand sanitizer (small)
34 Nail Clippers (not toe nail)
13 Sewing repair kits
13 Lip Balm
35 Shampoo (travel size)
28 Antiperspirant

Yes, it’s a lot of stuff needed….working together we can do this! All items are
available at the ‘dollar stores’. Please consider spending even $5.00 a month
for February and March, it will make a huge difference to people who have
lost so much.