GIVING:  Year- End Giving


“For he delivers the needy when they call,

the poor and those who have no helper. He

has pity on the weak and the needy, and

saves the lives of the needy. From oppression

and violence he redeems their life; and

precious is their blood in his sight.

(Psalm 72:12-14)

In our charitable giving, we strive to assist our

God in aiding the poor and in helping the oppressed.

In doing this, we share a mission with

other churches and many worthy nonprofits.

Now, as the year is nearing its end, we will be

receiving from them many appeals for year-end

giving. You may be surprised to learn that nearly

one-third of annual charitable giving occurs in December.

The Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation

urges you to plan your giving and remember

the poor and needy during this season of giving

thanks and sharing gifts. Your church and local

agencies may have a number of opportunities

such as giving trees and so forth.

The Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation

has a year-end appeal for four charitable targets

plus any you choose to designate:

•Wisconsin United Methodist Health and Welfare Programs

•The Scholars Award Program•UMCOR Disaster Relief

•The Bishop’s Relief Fund

•You Own Special Interest (you designate the recipient)

You can find more information about each of

these charitable targets and make an online donation

at -

Remember, we can help with stock gifts.

Please prayerfully consider your plans for charitable

giving this holiday season and give generously

to the charities of your choice.

Jim Wells, Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation