Are you giving to the church in all the ways you could or should be giving? You may be supporting
this year’s budget, but what about the future of the church, missional support, and special projects?
Are you providing for these as well?

I think of the church’s assets and giving as an icecream cone. The church’s assets such as the
building, parsonage, and endowments as the cone. Essential, but not very appetizing all by

Annual budget giving is the first scoop. It is neededand provides basic support and flavor to the
church. However, too often, this is where we stop thinking about supporting the church. What
about other scoops?

What about missions? Mission-related giving can include apportionments (sometimes paid with
the annual budget, sometimes not), conference projects, Special Sundays, UMCOR, national and
international advance projects and support of individual missionaries. Are you thinking about
your offering for missions this year? These are usually donations over and above what is collected
for the annual budget.

What about planned giving? Planned giving provides for the future of the church when you are
no longer around. Have you included the church in your will or as a beneficiary to your investment
accounts or life insurance? Ten percent is a good number, leaving plenty for your family.

Finally, what about special projects. Capital fundraising can support new ministry, ministry
growth, new building or renovation and maintenance of existing structures. Remember the Imagine
No Malaria campaign a couple of years back that raised over one million dollars?

Jim Wells, Wisconsin United Methodist