Birthday and Anniversary Wishes

To all our Members and Friends.

Here and around the World.

Happy Birthday
After a certain number of
birthdays, we begin to
see the spontaneous beauty
of the life God gives us
each day,
and we appreciate
its unique pattern...

we marvel at our
own original design
and find joy
not in perfection,
but in each brush stroke
from God's heart.

May this year
of your life 
be blessed
by knowing
in every moment,
in every day,
He is shaping you
in His loving
and perfect design.

Happy Anniversary

As you celebrate your Anniversary,
every happy marriage
is made
of these things...
a loving husband,
a loving wife
and the lasting love
of God.

You're two people
who are warm and giving
a couple whose faith shines through in so
many thoughtful things you do.
May your anniversary be a time
of special celebration and love
for both of you.