A reminder: Please remember

that Aurora Bay Area hospital does not call a pastor to visit

when someone is in the hospital. You must call Pastor

Nate yourself. His phone numbers are

715-582-4383, 715-582-4388 (Peshtigo) and



Our Prayer Concerns

~Disaster victims (flood, hurricane, fire, earthquake)

~Hungry /Homeless/Poor/Unemployed

~Those struggling with lingering ailments or illness:

  Almeta Willaims, Barb Tieman,  Barb Johnson, Nancy G,  Kathy G., Alyce Gusick, Wyona Marx, Charlie Carroll,   Monica Pearson, Bill Revard,  Fred Radke, ,Sue Carlson, 
~Those facing life & faith issues:Rose Brady and family members

~Church Lifefamilies, staff, future of the church

~Military personnel & their families


   The Lords Prayer                                                



   Remember our shut-ins who are at home, nursing homes and hospitals.

 Send a card, visit them, call them, and say a prayer for them.

Emerald Bay Retirement Community, 650 Centennial Blvd, Hobart, WI 54155

Augustana Manor, 831 Pine Beach Road, Marinette, WI

Luther Manor, 831 Pine Beach Road, Marinette, WI 54143
 Gaylord King

New Care Convalescent Home, PO Box 460, Crivitz, WI 54114
 Barb Johnson

Renaissance, 2909 Shore Drive, Marinette, WI  54143
Vi Barrette,  Kathy Selby, Roger Amundson,

Rennes East, 701 Willow St., Peshtigo, WI  54157
Gwen Dohr, Dorothy Anderson, Joyce Hawkins, Ron Seidl

Rennes West, 501 N Lake St., Peshtigo, WI  54157
Dorothy Behrens,  Barb Tieman,  Helen Kniskern , Roger Amundson, 

Menominee Care Center, 501 2nd St., Menominee, MI  49858
Claudia Wachal

Sun Valley Homes, 875 University Dr., Marinette, WI 54143

Woodside Lutheran Home, Green Bay, WI 
Doreen Rosner

The Harbors Retirement Community, 1110 Tenth ave., Menominee, MI 49858

Luther Home
 Walter Flom,

Prayers for Members who are at home.
 Ester Seymour, Jennifer Brabant,  Marv Gusik,  Ron Kakuk,  Barb Holmes, Alice Erickson, Sue Carlson