IMPACT Training Sessions

Our District Superintendent will begin the IMPACT training sessions on September 28th
across out district. I am inviting you to come and find out what IMPACT is all about
and how you might join up and really make a wonderful and positive IMPACT for the
future of your church family.

Please go to this webpage Pastor Bill has created to find out more.

Let us step away from stagnation and decline once and for all. We can do this if we make
the right choice.
I am personally committed to the IMPACT process and have accepted the invitation by
our superintendent to act as one of the IMPACT facilitators in our district. I will be
your teacher, guide and fellow participant throughout the whole process. Just imagine
where your Church family might be and the kind of IMPACT you can make if you just
say yes today and give it a try.

Let me be totally honest; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Blessings and Prayers for us all.
Reverend Bill McBride, Pastor