Peshtigo UMC Ponderings


                            Greetings my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Now more than ever, we are called to help those who are going thru trials and

challenges during this pandemic. We, ourselves, may be faced with dwindling faith,

our hope lacking, and our fear of the unknown becoming unbearable.

I pray you all stay healthy and out of harms’ way. I have found the online church services,

Bible studies, and various daily devotionals to be my comfort knowing God is

with us on our journey through these times of disease infested days. With each

day’s scripture reading, I incorporate it into my life, wondering how I can do better

for God. What does this mean in my life, in the life of others. We cannot change the

world by sitting back and not acting.

Our church is closed, but churching in the community is not. We are called to be the

church. Dropoff clothing at the homeless shelter and food at the food pantry. Send

donations to the church so we can continue paying into missions in our community

and around the world. We can do all these things without touching or coming into

contact with anyone. Continue to let your light shine onto others. Make a phone

call, send a ‘thinking of you note,’ take a walk and wave to your neighbors. There are

many things we can continue to do to pass the light of Jesus on to others.

Once this virus is under control and we are once again able to attend church in

person, I pray we can gather and start new ministries in the church. I look forward

to a time when we are able to rejoice with Jesus on the crossing of this valley and

rising to the mountaintops of joy, gratitude, and thanksgiving.

Bible Study Group
Led by Teri Peterson at Peshtigo Church on Sunday afternoons
at 2:00p.  You can also join via Zoom if you can't attend in person.

God Bless All, 
Teri Peterson
Lay Speaker